Chemical Importer and Distributor

Industrial Chemicals Importer and Distributor to the American Market

Benco is active in the product range given below. No point listing something that we dont offer! We can ship direct from the port to your location in the ocean container or you can take from our  warehouses situated in the Midwest, South East and New England. We are happy to support end users of our chemicals, but also recognize the value of working with other distributors because of their own particular expertise.

Our Products and Main Applications

Sodium hydrosulfite (sodium dithionite): Textiles, pulp and paper, water treatment
Triethylamine: curing agent for foundry and other resins (phenolic, polycarbonate, polyester), urethane foam, water-based paints, coatings, pesticide, pharmaceutical and general chemical manufacturing
Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) 85% & 98%: boiler water treatment, SBR and PVC production, refinery chemicals and biofuels, photographic chemicals
Dicyandiamide: curing agent for heat-cured epoxy coatings, wood treatment, textiles
Ammonium chloride: metal processing, agrochemicals
Oxalic acid: cleaning agent especially for rust and stain removers
Sodium silicofluoride (sodium fluorosilicate): water fluoridation, glass manufacture

Warehouse, Industrial Chemical Supplies in Burlington, NC

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