Experienced supplier of Sodium Hydrosulfite to the North American Market

Sodium hydrosulfite (sodium dithionite) is at the heart of our business. We deal direct with multiple manufacturers in Europe and Asia, handling all shipping and import concerns. Benco can supply everything from a single drum to full container lots. We offer a range of packaging options along with different grades and blends to meet every customer's individual requirement.

Quality, Versatile Chemical

Sodium hydrosulfite has been around for over 100 years now, proving its worth in many applications most often as a bleaching or reducing agent.

~Pulp and paper - especially RMP/TMP and recylcing/de-inking

~Chrome - reduction of chrome in plating

~Textiles - vat dyes, sulfur dyes, fastening, stripping

~Household products
~Clay - reduction of iron in kaolin ~Chemical manufacture


Diverse Grades and Blends

Sodium hydrosulfite is supplied in many different forms and we can offer most of them. The product itself will have differences in density resulting from the manufacturing process. Depending on application, these can be a big consideration. Handling of this hazardous, dusty material is always an issue, and Benco offers both dust-suppressed and dust-removed (de-dusted) grades. Blends of sodium hydrosulfite are also available, where other raw materials have been added either to improve efficiency or make the product easier to handle.

Hydrosulfite Tote Bin, Sodium Hydrosulfite Supplier in Burlington, NC

Diverse Packaging

Sodium hydrosulfite comes in several types of container. Most common are UN certified steel drums: 110#, 220#, 242.5#. Where consumption is high, 2000-4000# tote bins will be used. For niche applications, repulpable 5#-10# beater bags could be an option.

Safe Handling Assured

When you choose Benco Chemical Ltd as your sodium hydrosulfite supplier, you are dealing with people experienced in handling this hazardous material. We can help with guidelines on safe handling and will provide assistance in the case of any incident. Benco also offers consulting on regulatory issues and more specialized training courses as a paid service.

Contact Benco Chemical LTD LLC in Burlington, North Carolina, to learn more about our sodium hydrosulfite supplier services.