Zinc Stearate Overview

Zinc Stearate is a neutral zinc soap that is widely used industrially. It is a white, hydrophobic powder.  Zinc Stearate is the most powerful mold release agent among all metal soaps.

Zinc Stearate Applications 

Zinc Stearate has a wide range of industrial applications. It has proved to be very useful for the production of many kinds of objects due to it's excellent release agent properties.

  • Used as a Masterbatch additive. It functions as an external lubricant in both plastic and rubber applications.
  • Used as a mold release agent for Sheet / Bulk Molding Compounds (SMC/BMC).
  • Used in coating applications as a flatting agent and as a sanding aid for lacquers. 

Packaging & Shipping

Benco can ship throughout the United States and Canada in 44 lb bags.