N, N-diethylhydroxylamine acts as a free-radical scavenger. Its utility is enhanced by its relatively low toxicity. It appears as a colourless to pale yellow transparent liquid that is water miscible and has a strong smell of ammonia. It is generally know as DEHA.

DEHA is most commonly available and used in industry as 85% aqueous solution. However it is in also available at a concentrated 98%.

Benco Chemical is able to supply both forms of DEHA and has good knowledge of handling DEHA.

Diethylhydroxylamine Applications

DEHA is a strong free-radical scavenger, making it very useful for a number of commercial applications:

• DEHA is used as a highly effective oxygen scavenger to protect boilers from
  corrosion. It is more ideally suited to this application than conventional
  hydrazine due to a much better toxicology profile.
• Refinery chemicals and biofuels: DEHA’s oxygen scavenging attribute
   enhances stability. Biodeisel fuel is particularly benefited.
• De-colorization of phenols.

• DEHA is used in polymer processing as a polymerisation inhibitor. For
   example, it is used as a short-stopper in styrenic rubber polymerization and
   vinyl chloride polymerization.
• DEHA is also used as an antioxidant in a diverse range of industrial
•  DEHA is used as an effective colour stabiliser for photographic films.

Packaging & Shipping

Benco can ship throughout the United States and Canada in 330.5 lb drums, intermediate totes and ISO tanks.