Oxalic Acid
Oxalic Acid
Oxalic acid is a commonly used household chemical. It appears as a white crystalline powder that forms a colourless solution in water.
Oxalic acid is a strong dicarboxylic acid found in many plants and vegetables, such as spinach and rhubarb. It is mainly manufactured via the oxidation of carbohydrates using nitric acid in the presence of a catalyst.

Oxalic Acid Applications

Oxalic acid is a reducing agent. It is commonly used as a bleaching, cleaning and rust removal agent. Some of its applications include:

• A wood-bleaching agent. Oxalic acid is used to lighten gray,
  weathered wood. It is effective at lightening dark stains in
  wood furniture as preparation for refinishing.
• Oxalic acid is a useful stain remover on stone, brick, wood,
  vinyl and other surfaces.
• Purifying agent in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals.
• Grinding agent for polishing marble.
• Used as a cleaning agent for various equipment.
• It is used in wastewater treatment to remove calcium salts.

• Vaporised oxalic acid, or a solution of oxalic acid in sugar
  syrup, is used by beekeepers as a miticide against the
  parasitic varroa mite.
• It is effective at removing rust from metal surfaces. It does
  this by forming a stable water soluble salt with ferric iron. It
  is particularly useful for plumbing pipes, kitchen
  countertops, tubs and sinks.
• Used as a reducing agent in developing photographic film.

Packaging and Shipping

Benco is able to ship oxalic acid powder in 55lb bags throughout the United States and Canada. Alternatively, we can also ship oxalic acid in solution.